Ceramic Bracket Roth/Mbt mini/std SM3


Item No:


 *Roth*, MBT*prescription

*.022” and .018” slot

*Hooks on 3s or 3, 4, 5s

*3-3 and 5-5 packing

*Patent design,Grid base   

*Good biocomatibility, color stability and no coloration

*High breakage resistance and torque strength are 

achieved from the dense of Polycrystalline structure


Outstanding esthetics gives you a charming smile.

Grid lock base provides reliable bond strength with all bonding system.

One-body injection solves the problem of breakage and brittleness and the precise slot

Anatomically contoured base benefits fast and accurate fit.

Low profile and rounded contours maximum patient’s comfort.

Economic price is well acceptable by the patient.