Self-ligating Bracket II

Unit:20pcs/set w/tool

Item No:


 018/022  Roth/MBT MINI

1. High strength, hardness and Anti-corrosion stainless steel material ensure self-ligating clip has strong resistance, not easy to deformation

2. Double unti-slip design makes the cover more reliable, covers won't be loosed and exfoliated

3. Increasing the slice to prevent cover's sliding to avoid oral scratches or stimulate the mucosa, to improve wearing in comfort


ultra-thin design, reducing the thickness of the bracket in maximum and preventing the occlusion treatment interference 

Using new polishing technology to smooth the bracketsurface, reducing the surface roughness, making the products outward more brighter and reducing stimulation of patients oral tissue.

The bottom of bracket welded by latest laser technology, to avoid toxic substances through high temperature welding.

Rounded edge and small burr to enhance the welding perfectly, the process of brazing and cast molding are far better than competing products.